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15 February

Miss Braithwaite is leaving!!!!

Miss Braithwaite is leaving on Friday 17th February she has been her for 9 years.

How sad! What are we going to do without her? I wonder who will take over her morning maths club WHO! Who will be the assistant teacher for Mrs Daly’s class? Who will make us all smile? Who will build our confidence in everything we do and say?

This is a shout out for Miss Braithwaite WE WILL MISS YOU LOADS!!!!!!!


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By Jenna

15 February

Netball club

After school at 3:15 two 4:15 you will experience new things and learn more about netball with Mrs Neary and Miss Myerscough for my advice I think you should send your children to this club they will have a wonderful experience


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08 February


Our school has decided to bring in two more jobs for children!!!!!!! Two children in this school(Charlotte and Daisy) have been interviewed on the ups and downs of this job, take a look at our conversation.

Charlotte (aka zone manager)

Q. Why did you sign up to be a zone manager?

A. Well, because I wanted everyone to be happy so they can enjoy where they are, that means all the zones.

Q. Would you advise other people to do this?

A. Yes. Because the more people helping the more people will learn to do things or to stop doing things.

Okay moving on to Daisy’s interview(a-k-a dining hall helper)

Q. Why did you apply for this job?

A. Because well, I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when I come.

Q. Do you love the uniform or what?

A. When it doesn’t have yogurt on it.

Moving on to Rebecca (aka normal person we dragged in to help us/zone manager)

Q.Do you like the uniform?

A.Yes when it is not covered in mud.

Q.Do you like it?

A.Yes I do like this job because I like keeping people happy.

By Daisy Charlotte and Rebecca

23 November

Night Under The Stars-Part One

Last week an amazing sleepover took place our  SJSB  building. 

The first thing we did was the Commando Joe club.

We played these three games: Time bomb, splat and the hoola hoop game (there were two of these.)

Winners included:

Charlotte Norton

Daisy Howard

Devonne Samuels

Calum Hargreaves

Teagan Allen

And many more

Next,  we got changed into our warm clothes.

Then headed outside to sing some silly songs-but the dream didn’t last long-the weather let us down.

Here is a video on how to survive in the wilderness…


09 November

Football Club

Football club is on a Friday for Mr.Goddard’s line up. On Tuesday is for the anybody who want to practice. This is a great way for learners, who want to be a professional footballer and this for a lot of boys they feel it is their vocation.

Image result for neuerImage result for football

During football club we have a warm up (running and passing) and then we play a match but its only a friendly.

By Billy and Jenna.

12 October

Be a reading superhero and visit our Library

This New Term…

Could you become super hero and come and READ in our school library.

Everyone LOVES to read!

So be like Matilda and READ!

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There are loads of books in our library you might like…

Why not try something new like Enid Blyton which includes the Famous Five series, or maybe the Secret Seven?

All you need to do is go to the learning zone after school, with your parent or carer, and see Miss Braithwaite who help you find what you are looking for.

Use our library to help you discover an  imagination better than you ever thought you would!

By Grace and Rebecca


12 October

The Polar Bear Escape

A Polar Bear escaped from the Arctic and came to this school in Bury. This Polar Bear wrecked my brothers [jenna’s brother] classroom 4E Mrs Ellison.

THE POLAR BEAR ATE SOME OF THE VEGETABLES IN OUR PLAYGROUD!!! THE POLAR BEAR LOOKED THROUGH WINDOWS AND LEFT FOOTPRINTS AND FUR AROUND THE SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                      By Jenna and Niamh

28 September

The famous five write a postcard competition


Imagine your one of the famous five.This first news competition is big with children aged 5 to 18.Fancy writing a postcard,you have just been to Kirrin island, now there’s something to write about!Make sure you include all the information about this grand adventure!


Now the thing that’s on everyone’s mind is the prize.If you win this fantastic competition you get an Enid Blyton goody bag and the full set of the Enid Blyton famous five books with a new cover. The team that work on these books will pick the winner.                                                                                                                                                                   ENTER NOW


28 September

Maths Club

Maths club takes place every day but Friday  from 8:20 to 8:50, all the teachers including Mr Goddard and Miss Braithwaite help you learn about subtraction, addition and times tables. Sometimes you learn random numbers and sometimes you do some maths equations on paper!


Image result for maths



Written by James


21 September

Magnificent singing this new term

This new term, a group, singing voices comes to St. Joseph and St Bede they are spectacular World Record breakers at singing


This term we are learning stitches

Come hop over to choir to have the best time of your life and

discover the voice in you and become a your very own dream pop star!!!

Leave a comment below if you like this song

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You will look like this in a week or two



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